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Making History visits your elementary school to excite students with hands-on, cross-curricular, affordable, FUN! 

Our on-site field trips are easy to plan for teachers.  We can set up in a combination of classrooms, gyms, cafeterias, libraries, and outside. Our knowledgeable instructors arrive early to prepare your space for a day of "edu-tainment.” We promise to clean up and put everything back in order before we leave.  

Teachers select from a list of standards-based, activity choices to create a customized event that reinforces the desired content. Our on-site field trips are the perfect review any time throughout the year, or as test prep! 

All Making History on-site field trips include: 

  • a team of former teachers and history-enthusiasts to effectively lead all content-packed activities. 

  • rotation by homerooms through interactive, activity stations, as selected by their teachers. 

  • whole group introduction and/or conclusion where students meet famous historical visitors via “time machine”, answer review questions, and participate in the fun. 

  • a schedule created around your existing lunch time and related arts period (if you choose to go to related/have a planning period that day). 

  • real artifacts and primary sources to explore. 

  • crafts to make and take, a themed snack, historical souvenir prizes, and much more! 

Parents are welcome to join us! Much like an off-site field trip, we request that you invite volunteers to join us for the day.  



"Making History is the ideal option for on-site field trips. Getting many of the same activities and opportunities students would have at off-campus trips without permission forms, providing lunches, and booking transportation is such a relief as a teacher! Mrs. Ridley was able to use her wonderful talent of making history come alive by engaging the students in excellent state standard review. The organized day of stations went by in a flash, and we had a wonderful time! I can't wait to provide another Making History event for my students!"

3rd Grade Teacher

"Being able to be a part of Pioneer Day and Colonial Day with Making History was such a fun and eye-opening experience for me as a parent. My daughter loved it! To be able to live a couple of hours in history gave us all so much understanding and interest in Social Studies. It is definitely something they will learn and remember!"



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