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About Us

Making History provides students with educational, and authentic ways to experience American history. We believe children can learn effectively by having fun beyond the classroom. Our unique, hands-on enrichment programs celebrate our heritage. All of our activities are aligned with the SC Social Studies Academic Standards. Making History believes in the cross-curricular approach to teaching social studies through literacy, drama, science, math, physical movement, and technology just to name a few. We use storytelling and the investigation of Primary Sources to make history come alive- and the children love it! We incorporate the character traits of important people in our history in order to give students heroes to whom they can aspire to be like. We believe in a geocentric environment, in which there is an emphasis on maps. Our programs are led by dynamic instructors. They are easy to plan and are designed to be hassle-free for teachers. We aim to encourage young people to explore timeless truths from history. Our Nation's next generation has so much to gain by learning what we have overcome and achieved as Americans. Join us as we educate our future and celebrate our past.

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